About Us:
Dr Mahan Vir Tulli holds a Masters in Public Administration. A retired diplomat, he has served with the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), travelled around the globe, visited over 145 countries, and held important diplomatic assignments. Having acquired proficiency in several foreign languages, his close association with various economic and socio-cultural organizations has taken him to numerous conferences the world over, as a delegate and an invitee.

An internationally acclaimed astrologer-numerologist-spiritual healer-social scientist, his academic pursuit and relentless research in the arena of astrology, and related spiritual sciences, for over five decades, has earned him an enviable repute for making accurate forecasts on world events, and the career graphs of dignitaries and luminaries from all walks of life in various countries.

Naturally, he has addressed a plethora of astrological conferences and seminars with an assembly of august audiences, and spoken on the significant bearing of planetary movements and numbers on human lives and the course of events.

His deep interest and research-oriented study of Astrology goes back to the time when he was barely 14. He received most invaluable guidance from his late father, Shri Hans Raj Tulli, who had distinguished himself as a renowned astrologer in pre-Partition days in Gujranwala, which now forms part of Pakistan. The post-Partition developments which left deep emotional scars on people added to his curiosity vis-à-vis the fate of human destinies, and he wondered as to how the divine forces and celestial movement of planets shaped the fortunes of Humankind.

After joining the Indian Foreign Service, and visiting numerous countries and dignitaries, and leaders the world over, he added to his repertoire of studying people, who have determinedly influenced the course of events of World History, and predicted historic events with great precision.

Diplomacy and Astrology may make strange companions, but Dr Tulli brought them together during his chequered career, as he met world celebrities from all walks of life, and continued to practise and research on Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, face-reading, spiritual healing, yoga and meditation, thus guiding and helping countless people, who have sought his astrological advice over these five decades.

And his amazingly precise predictions have earned him the sobriquet, ‘Oracle of Delhi’ and ‘Nostradamus of India’.

Indian Astrology has stood the test of time ever since the sage Bhrigu revealed his mastery of this ancient wisdom of forecasting the influence of the stars on human affairs. After 50 years of intensive study of Astrology, Dr Tulli has penned a litany of books based on the characteristics and behaviour patterns of Ascendants and planetary configurations which shape the course of events.

Through a number of  publications, A to Z of Astrology, Astrology & Love Life, Numerology Made Easy, Gems in Human Destiny,  Predictive Astrology & Financial Prosperity, Astrology Made Easy, Healing through Astrology, amongst others, he has scientifically evaluated hidden talents, assets and liabilities, as much as appreciating the importance of individual tastes, and emotional reactions.

Through these books, he has made a sincere attempt to impart his rich experience and knowledge and provide encouragement and guidance to one and all during their life journey.

Dr Tulli is also the Honorary Chairman of the International Institute of Education and Management (IIEM) under the aegis of the Indian Solidarity Council, rendering an effective platform to focus on the issues of Development.

Honoured widely, Dr Tulli is recipient of awards by numerous organizations and institutes, ranging from Global India Economic Forum Award for outstanding achievement in the field of Astrology, International Gems of India Award, and the Best Citizen Award conferred by General Secretary of National Council of Metro Council of Metro Citizens, besides Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award for devotion to noble causes.

His dedication and involvement led him to set up Mahan Astro Research Centre in East Delhi for the promotion of Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Meditation.

Some of the recent significant predictions of Dr Tulli have been bang on:

• Sonia Gandhi will hit the headlines several times in 2008, and would play a pivotal role in India’s affairs till 2017.
• Asif Zardari of PPP of Pakistan is expected to play a pivotal role in the affairs of the Sub-continent. 
• Hillary Clinton will lead USA to great heights in the years to come and has a great, historical role to play as a great world leader.

The World Events Between 2010-2020 Some Highlights

• India emerges as a global power. India’s rise between the years 2010-2017 would be spectacular. By the year 2020, all major problems of India would be sorted out.

• India will remain the largest functioning democracy in the world. It will be a true and healthy democracy. Secular forces will remain strong and be strengthened further.

• 2010 has important implications for World Peace. Our main challenge in the years ahead would be to fight terrorism. This may escalate into global turmoil lasting for 5-10 years. Afghanistan would be seriously and adversely affected by disruptive forces in 2010. The after effects of developments in Afghanistan may linger on for at least 5-10 years. There are risks of the conflict turning into global turmoil, which could be averted through the benign influence of some women leaders. There are chances that by 2012, the global turmoil may slow down and get halted, but stars may not favour us for perfectpeace till 2020.

• The US President’s security needs to be enhanced in the coming years. India’s relations with USA would remain vibrant and strong, and in spite of doubts and misgivings of our neighbours, would be further strengthened,which will be a powerful factor for India and world peace.

• The economic slowdown in USA may continue in 2010-2011. It would have to meet more challenges on the economic front till September, 2012.

• Much against the general belief and perception, there would be no World War III.