Numerology-A Science of numbers :
Numerology is a cosmic Science, which reveals, to us the hidden mysteries of nature. The origin of numbers can be traced to prehistoric times, when man first began to identify various factors in his immediate environment, with the objective of retaining management control over his affairs. Studies done in the past have revealed that each number has a different characteristic and different occult significance. These differences in numbers reflected not only a distinctive character of their own on the basis of quality, with the cosmic influences and the laws of nature influencing them in different ways.

The starting point is NUMBER ONE, reflecting a dynamic force, great abilities and sway over everything. This is followed by number 2,3,4 etc Zero has not been assigned any distinct role, but in association with other numbers it does play an important part.

There are several types of numbers. These are birth number (basic number), the spiritual number, the year number and the Name number. There are also the house numbers, the car numbers, telephone numbers etc. If the various numbers in an individual or nations life vibrate well, life becomes much more interesting and fruitful for the native. Name number is the number obtained from the addition of all the alphabets in our name, which is further divided into various other types of numbers such as Ambition Number, Personality Number and Destiny Number.

In terms of numerology, India’s number is one (1). The present Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh’s number is number is 8 and Mrs Sonia Gandhi, the President of Congress (1) is 9. In numerology, numbers 1 and a very powerful. Number 8 is a number of rich experience as also great strength and stamina to balance diverse forces.

Number 7 are great thinkers and philosophers. Number 9 is highly suitable for politics as it confers qualities of dynamism, aggressive approach and good organization capacity. It makes them fearless and courgeous. Though initially number 9 natives face difficulties and hassles, later on through persistent hard work, they can ensure success in political life and hit the head-lines. Delhi’s Number is 9. Numbers 1 and 9 are more strong and stable than number 7. Natives of number 7 are more comfortable with regard to religious and spiritual matters and with regard to the need to strengthen and preserve the cultural heritage, but on the material plan, this number is full of uncertainties, trials and tribulations, treachery and foul play.

The dynamic role of natives of birth numbers 1 and 9 in taking India to the top in the current decade will be part of Indian history and will be enshrined in letters of gold. While number 7 is good on the spiritual plane, number 9 is a top number on the material plane and for grand success on the political front. Number 9 has inbuilt qualities of tact, diplomacy, ability to take the masses along popular appeal among the weaker sections of society as also humanitarian outlook. Number a people feel restless when their leadership is questioned but once their leadership is well established, they march easily to the grand road to victory.

The Congress party has abundance of leaders with the presence of more auspicious numbers ( the more powerful and auspicious numbers are 1 and 9 ) the BJP, presenty in opposition fails to reap the advantages fully of the fortunate cosmic vibrations of numbers. The future of BJP is therefore not as glamorous and bright as it looks. On the other hand, political parties, including the Congress (I) and the third front have in built strength and good fortune. These parties have leaders with self confidence and popular appeal among the masses and can definitely improve their prospects in the years to come, which will notice marked changes in the political fortunes of various parties.

The Congress (I) and other political parties who are in the limelight in 2010 can expect new and younger Leader emerging on the scene. When a man changes his name, a new set of cosmic vibrations start influencing his fortunes. These have tremendous impact on all aspects of his/her life. When a lady changes her name, consequent upon marriage her life style/fortune completely changes. In many communities, when a man is sick and not responding to treatment, his name is changed. The new vibrations which are set in enable him to respond in a more positive manner. A man was keeping very bad health. He changed his name and consequently his health improved Jayalalithaa changed her name. Earlier her name number was working out to 4, which spells uncertainties, jealousies and rivalries as also litigation. Her new name number worked out to 5, which is a number of name and fame and more acceptability among the masses. This she did on the advice of her personal astrologers. Happily the new cosmic forces did remarkably well for her.

By correcting the imbalances in your name vibrations, you can derive maximum benefit from the Spiritual Science of Numbers. It is also necessary to look at the basic number and the horoscope before deciding which name number vibrates better for you.

Similarly, by changing the name of a house, street or a city, the general fortunes of these places undergo changes, good and not so good. Generally people avoid use of numbers 4 or 8 which are more fatalistic, posing tough challenges for the natives.

Based on numerological vibrations, let us now have a look as to how the stars of the following cities, countries and individuals. Influence their fortunes.

The name of Bombay was changed to Mumbai about few years back. Bombay’s number worked out to 8, which spells difficulties, uncertainties, social unrest and disaster. The new number for Mumbai works out to 9, which is top number in numerology, and thus more auspicious. Though this number is also associated with tensions, struggle and strife, it has inbuilt strength to cope with all dangers and difficulties. It is associated with greater organization, and Planning, + Progress. It is considered to be a stronger number to absorb any number of shocks. Mumbai will thus remain a leading city in India and will prosper in the years to come. The Maharashta State of which it is the capital city is governed by Leo, a sign ruled by Sun. Since Sun and Mars (Ruling planet of Number 9) are friends, astrologically and numerologically, the new number vibrates well with other important elements.

Similarly, the name of Calcutta has been changed to KolKata. The earlier number for Calcutta was working to number 7 and now the new number works out to number 2. It does not make much difference since the two numbers belong to the same group and are interchangeable. Number 2 is good number for development and prosperity, but people must look after their health hassles and tensions, but it is associated with plenty of good fortune. It is also highly favorable for co-operation with the Center and for the State’s complete integration with national mainstream. But it is not favorable for expansion or promotion of communism. Rather it is encouraging for less restrictions and more liberalization, globalization, secular and democratic values.

India: In terms of numerology, India is number one country (So is U.S.A). Other number associated with India is 3, ruled by benefic Jupiter, which protects India’s solidarity, secular character and sovereignty. New Delhi is governed by number7.

Pakistan : In terms of numerology, Pakistan’s number works out to 7. The first alphabet in the name ‘Pakistan’ viz P stands for 8, which in occultism is a highly fatalistic number. It has inbuilt seeds for change, destruction and annihilation. In its present form it is doubtful if it will remain so beyond 1.9.2012. The years 2010-2012 are the most critical years for its survival in its present form. The boundaries in the Indian Sub Continent (of which it is a part), may be redrawn with possibility of merger/unification of the countries of the sub-continent.

U.S.A : Numerologically U.S.A is number 1 country. U.S.A will continue to remain number 1 Super Power in the World and will remain friendly with India. India will also reemerge as a strong power (Great Power by the year 2020). The menace of terrorism will have to be fought for the next 2years and will pose a big challenge for U.S.A and the World. The next two years till 1.9.2012 are the challenging years for USA and President Obama.