Palmistry :

• Palmistry is the science of determining the character and mental tendencies and the likely events to happen in an individualís life from a critical analysis of the lines and marks in the palm. Amongst ancient Hindus, it had been accepted as a science. It is worth noting that Cheiro, the noted authority on occultism acknowledges that he owes his knowledge of palmistry to the Hindus..
• Palmistry has its basis the study of the different types of the hand, the mounts, the fingers, the thumb, and the texture of the skin, the nails and the ridges which have been subjected to greater research in recent years.
• If the lines in the hands are clear, uninterrupted and strong, the native has a fruitful and long life. Professional advancement, honours and awards as also possible ailments can be deciphered from a critical analysis of oneís hand.
• Crosses on the mounts are inauspicious, but on the mount of Jupiter a cross confers high status, name and fame. If the native has more than one marriage line, it confers power of attraction but does not favour long term relationship.
•a Shekhar would go into oblivion. Dr Tulli said. On the other hand, Dr Seshadri said the politicians should be fair, otherwise Saturn will play havoc. King Harishchandra and King Nala were its victims. People born between June 22 and July 23 having stars Punarvasu and Poosam and Aayiyam will have a tough time.