Tulli Prediction :
Deccan Herald, Bangalore, 7th June, 2005
Transit of Saturn forebodes disaster

• New Delhi:Renowned astro-scientist and musicologist Dr N P Seshadri said the transit of Saturn from Gemini(mithuna rasi)to Cancer (kadaka rasi) on June 27 will Create political upheavals in the country, including disasters, epidemics, accidents and dacoities.
• Saturn is movieng to kadaka rasi after 30 years and will remain there for two-and-ahalf years. A top leader will be affected during this transit period, he said. Such a situation arose 30 years back when Emergency was imposed.
• Differing with Dr Seshadri, another astrologer Dr Mahan Vir Tulli a former IFS officer, said such a planetary development is good for the country.
• Saturn is transiting in Jupiter star said Dr Tulli, adding that India is going to witness a golden period after August 5 this year. However, he warned that law and order situation would remain grim.
• BJP would continue to be in doldrums, while Congress would be able to increase its influence. Leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Chandra Shekhar would go into oblivion. Dr Tulli said. On the other hand, Dr Seshadri said the politicians should be fair, otherwise Saturn will play havoc. King Harishchandra and King Nala were its victims. People born between June 22 and July 23 having stars Punarvasu and Poosam and Aayiyam will have a tough time.


The stars didn’t foretell….
Tuesday morning, astrologer Mahanvir Tulli was closettted with Krishna Kaul. The subject of discussion was Sonia’s horoscope, and Tulli was insistent that her stars were jinxed, and that there was every indication that she would be separated from her husband. But not even Tulli knew that his words would be proved right so quick and in such tragic fashion.
And while on astrology, Tulli also made these other predictions at the same time(hours before Rajiv’s tragic death, mind):-
• Political instability will continue till August 5. Even if a new government is elected by June, it will face uncertainty or even the possibility of collapse before that date.
• Chandra Shekhar’s stars are very strong. He will continue to play an important role for the next fifteen years.
• V P Singh will have a rough ride during September-October. His party could split with a majority of the members joining the Congress. The Rajasaab is also likely to face a health crisis that will endanger his life, sometime in Octorber.
• P V Narasimha Rao, front-runner for the post of Congress party president at the time of writings, is health problems. As, indeed, is President R Venkataraman. Clashes with our neighbouring countries are likely in the next couple of months, and loss of life is not ruled out in consequence.

Sorry, no silver linings to pass on. But then, the clouds of the moment are too dark, too heavy for the silvern streak to come through, wouldn’t you say?

Sunday Mail, DELHI, January 16-22,1994

• Sonia Gandhi’s image will grow and she will be actively involved in Country’s political affairs. It is also possible that the leadership of the party or an office of responsibility may be forced on her. She will come to the rescue of the country in the near future.
• A.B Vajpayee’s hosrocope is stronger and his leadership of the B P will benefit the country. The BJP will suffer serious dissensions and turmoil in 1994. The party cannot expect to make any improvement till early 1997 and may even change its ideology.
• Dr Tuli had foretold the Gulf War, formation of Bangladesh, Mrs Gandhi’s assassination and other such world events.

Saturn-a great benefic

Saturn is a highly karmic planet. It teaches one the lessons of life. Saturn’s role is of a great benefic. It gives warnings before inflicting harm or damage and if one hears the warnings, he is protected from adverse influnces. A person under the influence of Saturn, respects the laws of society. He thinks before acting, following the right course, of truth, dharma and non violence. Saturn is associated with peace, dharma, daan(charity), daya (Mercy).

Saturn is a highly karmic planet. Natives reap the harvest of their past deeds in previous birth. The placement of Saturn in the twelve houses of a native’s chart reflects the variation of karmic influences. The transits help us to determine when the events take place. The conjunction of Satun-Venus, Sat-Jupiter, Sat-Mercury, Sat-Moon helps one to lead a smooth life. Sat-Mars, Sat-Sun conjunctions may cause effort and struggle, wasteful expenditure but lot of interest in love and life, politics and social life.

In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is considered to be generally malefic while Jupiter is considered to be a great benefic, Saturn’s transit over the 3rd house, 6th house and 11th house from the natal moon confers highly benefic returns. But Saturn;s transit over the natal Mars causes uncertainties and setbacks. On the other hand Saturn’s positive transit causes immense gains and achievements to the native, and if Saturn receives the aspect of Jupiter, one can withstand the worst calamity or situations in Life.

Those governed by strong Saturn are great thinkers and reformers. India’s sign is Capricorn, which is governed by Saturn. India has withstood the ontaught of many invaders and absorbed the traits of many religions and cultures. India has survived tensions and turmoils over centuries and has inbuilt strength to absorb any number of shocks, Saturn teaches us truth, non-voilence and religious tolerance.

It is a country of saints and seers. The qualities associated with Saturn are Daan(Charity). Dharam(religious faith) and Daya (Mercury). Those who have accomplished themselves and pay regards to these traits of Saturn are the blessed ones and show light to the world, Saturn is the hard task master of the zodiac and does not forgive mistakes. If strong and well placed in a chart, it takes one to dizzy heights and confers name and fame.