Our Services- Computer Horoscope:

Mahan Astro Reserch Centre offers computer horoscopes on a most scientific basis. The authenticity of the mathematical calculations and divisional charts required for a critical analysis of the planetary configurations prevailing at the time of birth and also other useful data required for making future projections is guranteed. Or motto has been to give utmost satisfaction to our esteemed patrons at a reasonable cost. We make horoscopes and deliver the same day in Delhi and in 2-3 days to any part of India by courier or within one week to any part of the world.

Or esteemed patrons will realize that everyone is keen to know about his future. Undoubtedly, the veracity of Astro Sciences to give a fairly accurate idea of the future happenings has been proved over centuries. But this science is a science of tendencies and a fatalistic or deterministic approach world not be useful. An astrologer can never be 100% correct. We can only indicate broadly what may happen in future. Only the Lord almighty can indicate precisely what and when an event of great importance in ones life will take place.

Our computer predictions are based on a research experience after having analysed over 50,000 horoscopes over a period 15 years and are reasonably correct. The calculations are very accurate and the longitudes of all the planets are the true apparent longitudes with an exception of Rahu and Ketu, for which mean longitudes have been adopted. We can vary our calculations for different ayanamsas, depending upon individual requirements. Similarly, we also indicate the position of the ex-Saturnian planets like Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. While we assure our esteemed patrons of our best services at all times, we do not in any way guarantee 100% accuracy of our computer projections, and for this reason, our patrons should not take the computer predictions as the gospel truth. For this reason we will not accept responsibility for any consequences resulting from the individuals decisions based on computer projections. We would, therefore, not accept any claim for damages from individuals who may not use the required discretion in taking the correct guidance from our computerized services & advice.

We can offer a responsible, comprehensive, computerized horoscope in English or Hindi for Rs 350/- with a 25 % discount on 4 or more horoscopes. Based on our 50 years of research and practical experience, we can also offer detailed life readings, covering all aspects of life including profession, love marriage, children, finances, health, lucky gems and other important indicatiors with predictions for 10 years. For this, the fee is Rs 3500/-.

Also a complete and through Horoscope manually prepared for the entire life is available for a price of Rs-7500. But for this very special service, we require adequate time and we would request our patrons to give us a lead of 45 days, with 50% advance, payable by bank Draft at New Delhi.

Dr Mahan Vir Tulli
I.F.S (Retd)