1 To ensure one doesn't miss opportunities. Red Topaz Burmese Variety.
2 To stimulate creative talents & competitive abilities. Green Tourmaline.
3 To enhance marital harmony & bonhomie. Golden Opal.
4 To avoid losses in speculation horse races & gambling. Blood Stone.
5 To speed up marriage. Pearl + Gomed.
6 To avoid accidents. Cat's Eyes + Pearl + Green Peridot.
7 To get rid of anxieties, uncertainties & discords. Blue Opal + Green Peridot.
8 To enhance spiritual interest. Agate Sulemani + Yellow Topaz
9 To avoid legal hassles. Ruby or Sun Stone.
10 To enhance optimism in love & life. Golden Topaz + Pearl.
11 To enhance immunity against heart ailments/cancer. Golden Hessonite.
12 To improve financial position. Jasper.
13 For general good health & kidney problems. Opal + Melakite.
14 For critical problems pertaining to body pains particularly Spinal. Red Coral + Citrine.
15 For removing obstacles, increasing strength, stamina, enhancing vitality and happiness. Golden Hessonite + Green Diamond, Opal ( Blue )
16 For gains in business, horse racing, speculation and gambling. Cat's Eyes
17 To get sound sleep and relaxation. Agate Sulemani.
18 For good health and happiness of persons above 80 years of age. Turquoise of 8 carats + Citrine of 3-8 carats.(Diamond or Opal is not recommended )
19 For Sexual potency. Blue Opal, Agate
20 To enhance Spiritual energy and capacity to do good for the mankind. Amethyst.
21 To get rid of bad energy Carnelian ( Orange )
22 To enhance positive energy, love and compassion Rose Quartz.
23 To promote patience and inner peace Agate.
24 To enhance financial prosperity. Amazonite/ Jasper.
25 To clear depression and enhance interest in love and life. Good for liver and jaundice. Amber.
26 To promote financial stability. Brown Jasper.
27 Enhance interest in love life and boost optimism, cheer the mind, prevent irritability, remove depression. Also to enhance domestic bliss and financial prosperity. Green Peridot.
28 This combination favors those in high position and those who have to take critical decisions. This will also ensure growth and prosperity of the family. Green Peridot + Blue Opal in silver.
29 To enhance high potency to counteract all negative influences and to counteract all stomach ailments. Natural Green Jade.
30 To bless power and enhance one's sphere of influence. Also protect one from risks and dangers. Tiger Eye + Cornelian.
31 To bless the native with divine protection and intuitive powers as also comfortable living and trouble free career. Crystal + 5 Faced Rudraksh.
32 To improve functional health of Ladies between 25-45 years of age. Red Coral + Pearl in Gold/ Silver


For persons of old age, whether male or female, one can use Red Coral 12-15 Carats in gold or silver. This will keep them fit and fine. But Red Coral ring or locket may be removed at night which will give them sound sleep.

For those who can't afford Red Coral, which is rather expensive for elderly persons beyond the age of 70-80 years, may use Agate Sulemani in silver. This will keep them fit and fine. Agate Sulemani (Haqiq Sulemani) comes in various shades like light or deep blue or black.

For those who are noticing delay in their marriage and want to activate their marriage process, should go in for a locket of pearl plus golden hessonite in silver.

In particular I would like to repeat here that for those suffering from arthritis, spondilitis, cervical spondilitis; they should go in for pearl in silver plus Labrodrite in silver. These may be worn either in the form of locket or ring, on Saturday night.

But for more critical and vexing problems pertaining to body pains, particularly spinal problems Red Coral plus Citrine in Gold or Silver may be worn.

For problems of insanity in elders, they may prefer to go in for an Emerald of 5 carats plus a Blue Topaz of the same weight to be worn on Wednesday in the evening at 5 pm. If the problem is initial and pertains to young students who lack concentration in studies, Tourmaline Green in Silver may be worn on Wednesday evening.

In the fast changing economic and social scene, more and more people are taking to Gems Therapy for solving their vexing and intricate problems. In this context, the following Gem stones have gained social acceptability, prominence and social and popular appeal.

Before concluding, I would like to repeat here that if it is the question of protecting somebody's life, appropriate gemstones may be used, even though they may not be ideally suitable, considering the birth chart. Similarly in the case of loss of vitality, piles, impotency, infectious diseases. Red Coral which has healing powers can be used.

When there is a matter of life & death of an individual & his longevity is in doubt, Blue Topaz should be given to him without any fear. This will increase his longevity and improve his health.

It is sincerely hoped that gems will be used not only for curing diseases but adding to the happiness of the mankind. Any one is free to obtain our astro guidance on gems, which will be given in one week.